Baking Bright

With the return of Comic Relief GBBO, Shrove Tuesday and the beloved Hot Cross Buns, we’ve sifted through and whipped up a collection of must-have baking essentials to brighten up your Kitchen this Spring. It’s true colour inspiration. Continue reading

The Year of Wool

 Since 2010, there has been an ongoing campaign for natural wool, “in order to raise awareness amongst consumers about the unique, natural, renewable and biodegradable benefits offered by the fibre.

With the Chinese calendar entering the Year of Sheep, the “Campaign for Wool” has stepped up a gear, with campaign patron HRH Prince of Wales encouraging collaborations between producers, designers, retailers, interior designers and so much more.

We’ve taken the time to explore some exquisite woolen pieces, helping you to do your bit for the campaign… Continue reading

Don’t Judge a Book by It’s Cover

When Harper Lee announced she would be releasing a sequel to literary classic ‘To Kill A Mockingbird’, the world went crazy, snapping up copies of the original, with some bookstores reporting increases of  over 1000% overnight!

We love to get our heads stuck in a good book, and decided to take a look at some fab book inspired pieces for your home. Continue reading

Decisions, Decisions :: Thermal or Blackout?

Sometimes a standard lining just isn’t enough for your home. You might be looking for something to keep your home a little darker, or maybe you’d prefer something to keep your home even warmer, either way, a decision needs to be made.

To help you make the right decision and ensure that you are completely happy with your choice, we’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons of both thermal and blackout linings, allowing you to compare the two and choose the right one for your home.




  • Gives your home an added warmth – the thermal linings are designed to help keep the heat in your room, making them an excellent choice as the winter begins to set in and helping to create a snug, cosy atmosphere in your home
  • Energy efficient – because more warmth will be trapped in your room, you won’t need to keep popping the central heating on, helping you to cut the costs of your energy bills
  • Thicker lining to keep room shaded – while it won’t block out the light completely, it will stop as much flowing through the fabric, helping to keep your room slightly shaded and protected against any glare
  • Controls temperature inside effectively in both summer and winter – in the winter, the warmth from inside your home will be reflected back into your room whereas in the summer, the unwanted heat from outside will be reflected away to help you stay comfortable in your home all year round
  • Adds volume and body to fabric – with the added thickness of a thermal lining, your blinds and curtains will appear even more full and sumptuous than before



  • Lining is usually off-white, ecru colouring – the lining can sometimes cause lighter, more white blinds to appear less crisp as the light shines through, giving them a more natural, almost yellowy tint
  • Light still filters through – while this may not be a problem to many, if you are looking for something to keep the light away from your room, a thermal lining simply won’t be up to the task as it will still let soft light filter through
  • May still see silhouettes in the evening – although your room will be blocked from view, the lining may still allow silhouettes to be seen from outside if you have your lights on, so be careful if you’re dancing around your bedroom late at night!




  • Keeps the unwanted light at bay – if you’re fed up of that streetlight keeping you awake at night then a blackout lining is the one for you, it will keep all light blocked from your home, allowing you to get the best night’s sleep possible
  • Protects your privacy – the blackout lining is so thick, it will completely block both the view from inside and outside your room, making it an excellent companion to bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Thick lining adds volume to material – due to the thickness of the lining itself, your blinds and curtains will receive an additional boost of volume, giving them an even more full and more sumptuous finish
  • Neutral colour of lining means no interference with fabric colour – the lining itself is white in colour so it can be paired with neutral, natural and patterned blinds alike without leading to any discolouration
  • Less heat will escape through your windows – the heat in your home will struggle to push it’s way through the thicker lining, helping to keep it feeling a little warmer



  • Light is completely blocked out – if your home is naturally quite dark, you may want to steer away from a blackout lining as it will stop the remaining light from filtering in, meaning that you’ll be fully reliant on your lighting
  • Won’t control the temperature in your room as effectively – although it may become slightly warmer, it won’t be as energy efficient for you as a thermal lining
  • All your windows will look the same with blinds lowered – although this may not be an issue for everyone, from outside, all your blinds and curtains will appear white and plain

The lining you choose will fully depend on what functionality you want for your blind.

If you want it to keep the light out completely, then a blackout lining is the best option for you.

If you’re more interested in controlling the temperature in your home and saving money on your energy bills, then thermal is the way to go.

Of course, if you have any questions you’re more than welcome to give us a call and discuss anything – we’re happy to help and offer you advice when needed and, even better, we’re just a phone call away…


by tuiss :: Geograph Antique Roman Blind…


Feeling inspired by all the students packing their bags and travelling to university, this month we wanted to shine a light on our own travel inspiring design, this stunning Geograph Antique roman blind.

Why is it a blind worth of your attention? Take a look at our list below…

Trendy Design


Maps have always been a popular addition to home decor. From posters and decals to adorn your wall to beautiful and stylish globes to decorate your desks with.

The gorgeous pattern of this roman blind is no different – with a rich, beautiful detailing, this blind will transport you to the other side of the world…

Choice of Linings

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 15.55.58 Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 15.56.07

This roman blind comes with a choice between two linings:

  • Standard – allows the light to filter through your window gently, bathing your room in a radiant glow
  • Blackout – perfect for bedrooms, thick thick lining will completely block the sun from leaking through, keeping your room shaded and adding an extra fullness to the fabric itself

Quirky and Fun


The antiquated colourway features fresh pops of colour with the outline detailing in shades of pink, green and blue.

It is also a great way to show off your sense of style whilst adding a cheeky little glimmer of personality and whimsy to your home.

Deluxe Perfect Raise Headrail

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 15.52.21

Strong, durable and ideal for larger blinds, our deluxe headrail is automatically offered as a free upgrade on our roman blinds.

Featuring a continuous nickel chain, it not only makes operating the blinds even easier, it also adds a subtle sophistication to the blind itself.

Colourful Alternative

geograph-azure-24-roman-blind-2 geograph-azure-24-roman-blind-1












If the sepia tones of this blind are too dull for your liking, we also have it available in a wash of colour!

Our Geograph Ocean roman blind features the same detailing and design with a brighter and more bold colourway – perfect to make a statement at your window.

Make Your House A Home :: Candles

Having a house that you can be proud of is certainly an excellent achievement but many people won’t be satisfied until their house feel like a proper home.

In order to achieve a homely, cosy feel, you don’t always need to break the bank- just adding a few simple yet effective touches can turn your beautiful house into a beautiful home.



Have you been excluding candles to that box under the stairs that’s there for power-outage emergencies? We’ll admit that we too have been guilty as charged but it’s time to pick them up, dust them off and start getting creative with candlelight to give your room a gentle glow and soft ambience that is guaranteed to transform your house into a home.



Tealight candles are a simple yet effective way to add a little ambience to your home. Not only are they one of the most affordable options, they also come in a range of different colours and scents to match your decor and help set the perfect mood in your home.


There’s also a plethora of tealight holders available from quirky, contemporary designs to simple coloured glasses and intricate lanterns that will throw stunning, dancing patterns onto your walls. This leaves the world of tealight candles wide open for interpretation and allows you to create the perfect look for you.

Block Candles


Available in vivid blocks of colour as well as multicoloured shades, these chunky and funky candles can be used to create a beautiful and bold statement in your room.


These candles are also perfect for creating interesting and exciting arrangements, grouping them together will not only provide you with a stylish, long lasting display, they’ll also give off enough light that you can turn the lamp off and snuggle up on the sofa with a glass of wine and your favourite film.

Floating Candles


We have to admit that these candles are our very favourites because they’re just so much fun!

They also give you flexibility to create a little water garden in the comfort of your own home- not only will it look bright and beautiful during the day, it will also light up your home in the evenings as the candles bob around happily as they burn.

Morales Candles on Mantle Closeup

There are also some beautiful ways that you can display these candles, you can really let your imagination go wild as you experiment with different bowls, jars and accessories to really add a personalised touch.

Why stop there?


There are so many other ways that you can use candles to create a beautiful, glowing effect in your home. Why not pop a candelabra on the table next time you sit down to dinner? Or treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath by candlelight?

il_fullxfull.579543910_6rfm Buble bath







However you choose to do it, using candles in your home will certainly bring a warm and cosy feel that you’ll love so much, you’ll never leave them under the sink again!

Delightful Deckchairs

Summer is here- at least, it’s trying it’s best to get here, slowly but surely -and that can only mean one thing… Sitting out in the garden, soaking up the suns rays as you kick back, relax and enjoy the summer holidays.

If your garden furniture is looking a little worse for wear after the winter months or if you feel like treating yourself to something new and stylish, we’ve found the perfect solution in the form of these Thornback & Peel deckchairs.

Rabbit and Cabbage




Made with a neutral body, these deckchairs will effortlessly coordinate with any remaining garden furniture, meaning that you won’t need to change your entire patio set to incorporate one of these fun and fabulous designs.






Pigeon and Jelly



These stunning chairs combine vibrant, exciting colours with intricate illustrations to bring a pop of colour to your outdoor furnishings and really unleash your quirky side.







Sardine Tins





Featuring furry, feathered and even fishy friends, these beautiful and quirky designs are just what you need to add a fresh and fun feel to your garden.






You can browse the full collection of these exquisite deckchairs here, as well as finding the full catalogue of Thornback & Peel’s exciting and elegant wares right here.