tuiss loves :: Rockett St George


Rockett St George are an online retailer that specialise in unique and quirky home wares. Their exquisite ranges cover everything from artwork to garden furniture as well as wallpaper, kitchenware and some of the most interesting accessories we’ve ever seen.

We could sing their praises all day long but instead we thought we’d just focus on a handful of our favourite products to give you an idea of what they have to offer.

Chalboard Life Planner with Hooks by Rockett St George



Their Chalkboard Life Planner is a particularly eye-catching wall decoration with a practical purpose. Not only does it give you a place to write down the weeks important appointments, it also offers a series of hooks that you can use to hang those handy things that you need to take out with you. It’s a great way to add a little fun to your home organisation and also means that you’re less likely to forget about that dentist appointment that you’ve been avoiding…






Whale Trays by Thomas Paul




Although they offer a huge range of kitchen accessories- placemats and plates galore as well as a colourful range of tea towels and napkins– we especially love these Whale Trays, designed by Thomas Paul. Whether used to deliver meals or just left on show as a form of impromptu artwork, these trays will certainly give your kitchen personality.







Elton the Elephant side table by Rockett St George





I couldn’t resist on including Elton the Elephant in our favourite products list- I fell in love with him the moment I saw him! This cute and quirky side table is just adorable… And it’s useful too! Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face, this little elephant will no doubt be popular with everyone, especially your children!









Finally, we’ve found the perfect decoration to really make a statement in your home- the Faux Taxidermy Unicorn Head. To put it simply, we have never seen anything as striking and unique as this so we just had to share it with you. The unicorn itself is made to order and hand-crafted with love and care by the imaginative folks at Broken Hare. There may be quite a price tag on this gorgeous unicorn but it’s something that we’re tempted to save our pennies for!





We’ve included links to each of these individual products in case you like what you see. If you’re interested in seeing more, click here to go to the Rockett St George homepage- just make sure you’ve got an hour or so to spare first, you won’t be able to tear yourself away… Trust us, we know all too well!

tuiss loves :: Lorenzo Manuel Duran

One of our eagle-eyed team members spotted this incredible artist’s work and we simply had to write about him!


Lorenzo Manuel Duran is a Spanish artist who cites both art and nature as his passions, leading him to create some of the most spectacular leaf-cuttings that we have ever seen.

Mantis Religiosa

Nudo de Durero









His work varies from animals to intricate patterns as well as faces and silhouettes. They’re all so beautiful that we found it hard to choose a mere handful to display here!











Take a look at his website for a look at his full range- he also has paintings, masonry work and details of the many projects and exhibitions he’s taken part in.

tuiss loves :: Nanette Lepore

Although she has cemented herself in the contemporary fashion industry- worn by the likes of Michelle Obama, Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift- Nanette Lepore has now turned her talents to a range of home furnishings and we just love the results!



These bedding sets are a prime example of Nanette’s love of bright, vibrant colours. The royal blue colour is simply stunning will make a great centre-piece in your room while the beautiful red bedding includes intricate details to really bring it to life.



The decorative cushions she’s designed also have a certain “wow factor”- the embroidered patterns are exquisite and feature a range of loud colours that grab your attention and will certainly help you inject a little personality into your home.



If you’re looking for something bright and exciting to add a stylish and modern edge to your home, then you should consider checking out Nanette Lepore’s work to see if there’s that special something just for you, you can get to her website by clicking here.

tuiss loves :: Charlene Mullen

Today we’re bringing you yet another hidden gem from the world of fashion. Charlene Mullen, creator of these fabulously quirky cushion designs, isn’t actually that well hidden – more internationally renowned in fashion circles.

Still, it might be the first time you’ve come across her work and we can assure you it’s utterly fabulous.

It centres around line drawings in an almost folksy style, updated for the 21st century. She’s a particular dab hand at city skylines. Her series, that includes the Millennium Wheel, the Gherkin and London Calling, are unique and wonderfully eclectic.

Charlene Mullen_London cushion

What’s more, we think they’d look great with one of our Cityscape roller blinds! Here’s a look at some more of her work:

London Callingcat1


tuiss Loves : : Design Seeds

Looking for some colour inspiration for your home? Sometimes choosing your palette can be a tricky thing. Wracking the annals of your brain for long forgotten colour combinations is a tiresome and frustrating business.

Luckily, we’ve found a brilliant website that can really help get your creative juices flowing. Design Seeds creates glorious colour palettes from images of everyday things. Carrots on a chopping board, a dog in a blanket, a big bag of pistachios; Jessica, the creator of the site, takes ordinary items and photographs them in magnificent Technicolor.

She then extracts the colours from each image and creates a palette, which you can use yourself or click through to see even more palettes that feature those particular shades. There’s also a search function for different themes including Autumn, Edible and Global as well as the ability to pick a single colour and see all the combinations it can be found in. It really is a great resource for finding the spark you need.

So next time you’re stuck for ideas when redecorating your home, head on over to Design Seeds for a gentle nudge in the right direction.

Design Seed Global

Design Seeds Scoop Design Seeds Spice Design Seeds Escape

tuiss Loves Tartan

There are few more evocative and distinctive patterns than a traditional Highland tartan. The distinguished plaids and checks incite images of wood cabins, log fires and the great outdoors.

Creating this classy, laird-like look in your home can prove a little tricky. Such a strong and recognisable design can seem overpowering and garish. However, by using the right combinations of colours in the right spots you can fashion a gorgeous Gaelic getaway clad in your very own clan tartan.

Less is definitely more when creating your Scotch nest egg. Subtle tartan accents in rugs and runners, cushions and covers or even a feature wall lined in tartan paper is just enough to help create a smart and sophisticated style.

A blind is also a great way to introduce tartan into your home. At Tuiss we have a range of tartan style designs in a host of elegant colour combinations to suit any home. There’s the Buchan Plaid Grey, with its classic mixture of grey, black and neutral tones. Then there’s the Sloane Chelsea roman with its grown up Gingham checks.

For something even more striking, try the Buchan Plaid Red roman blind, combining faded salmon with raspberry red for a charming country tartan style.

tuiss Tartan

tuiss Loves : : Klaus Haapaniemi

Over the festive period it’s nice to add a touch of magic to your home’s interior. Our latest love, Klaus Haapaniemi, can help you do just that.

Inspired by Finnish folklore and influenced by nature, his range of hand printed and hand embroidered products have a distinctive style that’s absolutely enchanting.

Animals and florals abound, these wonderful designs are a unique take on traditional patterns that will give your home a mysterious and magical look.

running_fox_linen blue-rabbit-small crane01 running_rabbit_linen


tuiss Loves : : Hot Water Bottles by YuYu

Hot water bottles are great this time of year but there’s just one problem – they never keep your whole body warm! Richard Yu found this out to his cost one cold winter back in 2010 and decided to do something about it.

The result of his cold feet was to design the world’s first long hot water bottle. Ergonomically designed, it can be used to soothe aches and pains as well as keep you warm during the cold winter nights.a71dcf4d-1b2f-4c07-bf30-c7789fac7f51

What’s more, they’re stylish too; wrapped in coats of the finest Mongolian cashmere and made from ecologically sound rubber, YuYu hot water bottles are a luxurious and practical companion the keep you warm all winter long.


tuiss loves : : Micro Art

We thought that with our special Tuiss toggles and hand stitched finishes that we were the masters of attention to detail. Even we might have to admit defeat having seen these amazing drawings by Turkish artist Hasan Kale.

Painting pictures of his hometown, Istanbul, Kale uses unusual materials as his canvas. From snail shells to butterfly wings, nothing seems too small or too delicate for his steady hand. He manages to get incredible detail into each picture, even using his finger as a mixing palette.

The result is a range of beautiful little objects decorated with incredibly intricate detail. We’re very impressed.

kale-8 kale-1kale-4

tuiss Loves : : Eco Wallpaper

We haven’t ‘loved’ anything for quite a while so when we came across the Eco wallpaper site, we knew it was time to rectify the situation.

With company ties stretching back to the 19th century they are one of the Scandinavia’s leading wallpaper specialists. Their idea is to use wallpaper as decoration, in the same way as art or paintings, and many of their unique and interesting designs reflect just that.

The idea behind ECO is to be surprising and to encourage curiosity and an urge to experiment – in a playful way. All this helps to create an interesting home, one unlike any other. We simply want to share our passion for wallpaper that challenges traditional thinking. Welcome – be inspired.

We absolutely love their artistic take on interior design, with their Renaissance range a particular favourite. But what makes them really stand out is their dedication to producing their products in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

As their name suggests, environmental awareness is a key aspect of their production with them even going as far as to own their own water treatment facility to produce their water based inks.

So if you’re looking for something decorative, powerful and beautiful, with the added bonus of being eco-friendly, Eco wallpaper is the place to go.

eco-revial-002 happy_koll_1 eco-street-011 rainessance1