In The Press :: Homemaker

We’ve been pretty busy here at tuiss HQ, what with the Maya Sunset Orange roller blind for Muscular Dystrophy UK having it’s own official launch this week (take a look at our day over on Facebook) and so much more happening behind the scenes. All of that is saved for another day though.

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In The Press :: June

First of all, apologies. We know it’s no longer June and we’re a little behind, but as evident from our previous posts, we’ve been busier than usual launching all sorts of new products! First there was the Electric Smart Raise, then Scion Living and most recently a whole new collection of wooden blinds. Thinking about it, actually, maybe we’re not so sorry then.

Despite how busy we’ve been, the world of interior design has Continue reading

Trend Watch :: Jungle Fever

Get ready for the wildest trend to come this Fall, Jungle Fever.

Making its mark in Fashion Week around the globe, the love of natural shapes like ferns, exotic prints and bright colours mixed with safari tones, we’ve got a hunch that it’ll only be a matter of time until their hitting our favourite interior design magazines and in homeware stores all over the land.

Don’t sit around and wait for the trend to come to you though. Grab it with both hands and embrace it before anybody else.

We’ve found 4 fantastic looks amongst some great designers and with our beautiful blinds and stylish curtains, you can recreate the look in your own home.

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In The Press :: May Edition

Remember how only last month we were showing you Debs Cutting’s gorgeous new hallway in House Beautiful magazine, featuring our lovely Essential Oatmeal roman blind? (If you don’t, then maybe you should take a look- it’s right here)

Well imagine our surprise when we saw her name pop up again, but this time in Your Home magazine, with our blinds in another of her rooms! Continue reading

In The Press :: Elegantly Effervescence

Meet Hannah: When she first brought her home in Hertfordshire, the kitchen was impractical. But now she’s finally taken the plunge and created one that’s not only spacious and practical, but one that’s ever so stylish too.

And of course, it wouldn’t have made its way onto this page unless she’s made one key choice- choosing tuiss for her blind needs.

And which gorgeous one did she choose? Continue reading

tuiss loves :: a good night’s sleep

Are you someone that feels constantly tired? Do you have enough hours in the day for a decent kip?

When we’re busy all the time, we struggle even more to drift off in the first place, and many of us can find ourselves jolting upright in the middle of the night in a panic about something or another.

If you find yourself nodding along as you read, then chances are, you haven’t created the right sleep space. And since National Sleep Awareness is now drawing to close, we’re helping you to find yours. Continue reading

tuiss love :: In-Spaces

So Fashion Week season is in full swing, with designers showcasing their fashionable talents around the globe, showcasing their take on the upcoming trends.

Whilst we may not be perching on the FROW admiring the creations, taking selfies with the hot and famous, we do like to find the hottest of trends and couturiers of the Interior Design world and showcase them to you, ready to be admired and adorned a million times over.

And this week’s tuiss love goes to none other than In-Spaces.

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