“tuiss blinds throughout”

What are the first things you look for when buying a house? The location? The price? How nice it looks already? Well, if this house is anything to go by, it’s whether or not the blinds are from Tuiss.

We found this house in Harwich on Rightmove earlier this week and by the time it came to write this post, the house had already been sold!

Among the key features listed in the description (above its proximity to the station and the fact that all the windows were double glazed) was the fact that it had ‘Tuiss blinds throughout’.

So if you’re looking to move house, with a touch of Tuiss magic and one or two of our famous Tuiss toggles in the images – voila, you’re house is sold!

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Bonfire Night with tuiss

To celebrate a man who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament in the 16th century, we’ve turned some of our brand new collection of Tuiss Venetian blinds into a colourful fireworks display. Wonder if that’s what Guy Fawkes had in mind all those years ago?

In any case, our terrific new range is packed with colour and makes far less noise than actual fireworks. Head over to Tuiss to check out the full spectrum on offer and in the mean time, have a fantastic bonfire night and remember to enjoy the fun responsibly!

Venetian Firework

Pantone’s 50th Birthday

Pantone’s legendary colour matching system is renowned the world over as the definitive way to ensure the right colours are used in the right places. It’s gained so much stature it even appears in various countries’ legislation, denoting the correct colours of their flags.

So, it only seems right that we doff our cap to the company founded by Lawrence Herbert as it celebrates its 50th birthday. The company has grown exponentially since its early beginnings but that original colour matching process is still in full effect in graphic design studios from Texas to Timbuktu.

To celebrate, Pantone have released a palette of colours to represent each decade of their existence. All of the selections give a little insight into the period they stand for, a visual embodiment of the Zeitgeist.

1990's Colours

This week, it’s the 90’s when “clothing went baggy and colours shifted to a mixed bag of neutrals and subtle shades and tints”. Sounds about right to us. In homage to the wonderful work Pantone have done, we’re off to match up some of our rollers and romans to see if we can recreate the look. First stop, Habitat Electric Lime…

Habitat Modest Grey Roller BlindHabitat Taupe Roller BlindsHabitat Electric Lime Roller BlindHabitat Canary Roller BlindHabitat Flamingo Roller BlindHabitat Regatta Blue Roller Blind

I saw this sideboard…

Not On The High Street are developing a burgeoning reputation for providing unique and interesting products and this wooden cow sideboard really caught our eye. Aside from the fact that it’s a cool sideboard shaped like a cow, the concept piece is also a comment on the way we transport and dissect our meat. Handmade from Spurge plywood and produced using the same process as for real shipping crates, this inspirational piece of furniture would make a brilliant talking point as well as an eye catching addition to any room.

Wooden Cow Sideboard

tuiss : : at Home

We love to see our fabulous designs hanging proudly in people’s homes; it gives us a real sense of satisfaction. Especially when it’s used in a magnificent design scheme such as this one, featured in YourHome’s 2013 best ever makeovers.

Real Silk Kingfisher

Teal is a really popular colour right now, and here our Real Silk Kingfisher roman blinds work wonderfully to complement the darker, coffee tones in the furniture and on the walls.

Harmonising beautifully with other teal accessories, such as the cushions and the wallpaper on the feature wall, it creates a pop of vivid colour to give the room real verve and character.

A job well done, we think you’ll agree.

Real Silk King Fisher

tuiss at Royal Ascot with Emma Jane Bamford

Famed for the outfits, the hats and the pageantry, as much as for the horse racing, Royal Ascot is a fabulous and very British event.

We asked Emma Jane Bamford a talented fashion illustrator to design a dress worthy of Royal Ascot taking our patterned roller blind collection as  her inspiration. Clearly Emma is always up for a challenge and we think these dresses and matching hats would go down a storm!Posy Red Dress

V&A Illustration Awards 2013

If you have ten minutes to spare you really should pop over to the V&A website. On centre stage at the moment are the entries for the Illustration Awards, and what an eclectic set of illustrations they are. From poignant sketches to children’s book art, as well as social commentary pieces, there is probably something to inspire us all. The winners will be announced next week.

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