Radiant Orchid In Your Dreams

Pantone’s colour of the year is a much anticipated and oft discussed topic in the world of design. Each year they choose the most popular colour for the forthcoming seasons and give it the moniker Colour of the Year.

In 2014 it was the turn of Radiant Orchid. An ‘expressive, creating and embracing purple’ it is supposed to draw your eye and disarm you with its charm.


Who are we to disagree with Pantone? Such a sweet, soft colour that’s also interesting and imaginative it somehow breathes life into its surroundings and provides a magical aura around itself.

So where else would you expect to find it than a Sabine Reinhart design. ‘In Your Dreams’ is typical of Sabine in that it is intricate, interesting and ethereal. It also uses Radiant Orchid to full effect, creating a magical garden of flora and fauna.

Head on over to tuiss to have a look at the design and the colour in all their glory.

in-my-dreams-54-special-roller-blind-1 in-my-dreams-54-special-roller-blind-2











Most Expensive…Luxury Sound System

Next up on our list of luxury items for the home is this unique ipod dock. The iTree, as it is aptly named, is made from a single tree trunk. The speakers are mounted inside and it is designed to face a wall so that the sound reflects back into the room for even higher quality music.

It even has wireless streaming and, for the environmentally or style conscious among you, you can choose which type of wood you’d like to use. The choices are cherry, poplar or spruce. And the price? Just a cool $14,000 (£8,400) will secure you this organic beauty for your home.




World’s Most Expensive…Ming Vase

The next chapter in our most expensive items for the home series focuses on the world’s priciest Ming Vase. The item in question was sold at auction in 2010 for a whopping £53 million – more than 20 times its pre-auction estimate.

The vase was made for the Chinese Emperor in the 19th Century and made its way to London before residing in the flat of an elderly man. It was discovered upon his death and put up for sale where the bids skyrocketed. It had previously been insured at just £800 – what a find!


Harris Tweed in the Home & the Races

To coincide with the start of this year’s Cheltenham Festival, we decided to blog about the iconic fashion item often associated with horse racing – Harris Tweed. This company produces clothing with a distinctive weave and a classic design that has seen an upsurge in sales over recent years as it moves back into the mainstream. The timeless look is also beautiful in the home, offering a rustic feel and a traditional style. At Tuiss we have a range of linen romans and curtains on the way with just that rural look. Watch this space and enjoy the races.


normal_MacNeill_111002-84 normal_MacNeill_111002-90

original_harris-tweed-wash-bagScreen Shot 2014-03-11 at 17.07.15



World’s Most Expensive…TV

Tuiss is, of course, the home of affordable luxury. Over the next few weeks we thought it would be fun to explore the world of unaffordable luxury by taking a look at some of the world’s most expensive items for the home. It’s a bit like Through The Keyhole for the insanely rich.

First up is the world’s most expensive TV. The PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition retails at a cool $2,260,000. This 55” screen doesn’t do anything particularly special. What sets it apart is the fact that it is encrusted in 28 kilos of 18ct rose gold and inlaid with 72 flawless 1ct diamonds.

Better cover that one up when you’re decorating.



Create the Look for Less : : Burlesque Bathroom

At the beginning of the month we blogged about how you could recreate the look of one of our rustic kitchen room sets for under £100. This time we’re back with suggestions that will help you create this beautiful burlesque bathroom for less.


Subtle and a little salacious, this exotic looking sal de bains is incredibly quirky and fashionable and so easy to do.

Let’s start with the lace. You can get lots of lovely lacy fabrics from just £13.25 from textile website sewessential. Just choose your colour and style and your away.JK_TOC_1282_BLA_2L

The simple black chair in the background sets off the room nicely and is a convenient place to put your feather boa. Find a similar design for only £25.00 from Atlantic Shopping.62186

Which brings us nicely to the boa itself. We think a feather boa is worth pushing the boat out for so these 3 litecraft boas complete with string lights are a whopping £23.40 from Debenhams.

Feather Boa

Every bathroom needs a mirror and you can pick up a similar mosaic style design for just £13.49 from Argos.


Finally we have the blind. Options Striptease Red is available from only £30.25 from Tuiss and you can even choose blackout or energy saving linings for extra privacy and warmth.Options Striptease Red

So there we have it, another beautifully designed bathroom for a little over £100. What a bargain!

Get the ripple effect

What’s the first thing you think of when redecorating your room? You probably went with colour and you’re not wrong. Sometimes though, painfully experimenting with lots of shades of beige isn’t the best way of getting the depth you’re looking for from your room. Textures on the other hand can really add a little je ne sais quoi to your design scheme. Corrugated surfaces, ruffled fabrics and ripple effects bring an extra dimension to your decor. The same can be said of pleated blinds. Not only do they offer thermal protection that will keep the room cosy and cut your energy bills, they also offer plenty of visual stimulation to your surroundings. Matching these blinds with corrugated table tops, ruffled cushion covers and rippled lamp shades is sure to have the desired effect of making your home come to life.


Putin’s Pride

With all the furore over Russia’s outdated and antiquated gay rights laws (that only came in last year, by the way), we feel like we missed a trick in not making this Putin’s Pride blind.

Still, it’s definitely something worth sharing to show our support for the LGBT community. Come on Vladimir, enough of the silly shenanigans; show the world some of that heart-warming community spirit you’re so famous for.

That’s a lovely shade of lippy by the way.

Putin's Pride

Create the Look for Less : : Rustic Kitchen

You might look at this rustic, country-style kitchen and think ‘I bet that’s expensive to recreate’. There are lots of authentic textures and tones that surely can’t come cheap, right? Well, you’d be surprised.

Take the traditional, weathered wood clock on the wall, with its large face and oversized numbers. You can get a similar looking (dare we say nicer?) 17” spiral clock from Cafe Press for just £23.00 online.


The authentic, pop top bottles on the table can be found for just £3.99 a ‘pop’ on Drinkstuff. Unfortunately you’ll have to spend a little extra on some cloudy lemonade to fill them.


Furniture’s usually your main expense but you can get lovely rustic wooden bar stools in dark oak, light oak or walnut finish for just £22.08+VAT at Simply Chairs And Tables.

l.oak stool_0w. small stool

To add a real organic flavour My Haus do some lovely Bistro de Paris vintage wine crates just like the ones in the back of this room set. Each one will set you back only £19.95.

1385042583-63459000The room wouldn’t be complete without the lovely woven vertical blinds at the window. The bamboo style Maroa Dune design looks expensive but you can buy it made to measure from just £25.75. An absolute snip at twice the price.


So, as you can see, creating this designer, shabby chic look need not be as expensive as you think. You can all but recreate this entire room for less than £100. So next time you see a room set you really like, shop around. You might be able to do it cheaper than you think.

Celebrate Quentin Blake’s Birthday with tuiss!

Today is a special day in the world of children’s literature. Celebrating his 81st birthday is illustrator Quentin Blake, famed for his iconic drawings that accompanied the stories of Roald Dahl. Inimitable and unique, Blake has received hundreds of accolades for his work and is recognised the world over.

We think his drawings would look lovely on a pair of curtains or a set of blinds – the perfect way to finish off a child’s room. Perhaps in the near future we could see some of his illustrations on Tuiss… wink, wink!

roald-dahl-bfg-49-fabric roald-dahl-chocolate-factory-49-fabric roald-dahl-enormous-crocodile-49-fabric roald-dahl-matilda-49-fabric